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Saturday, April 30, 2011

crazy wonderful..or just crazy

Sorry that I have been AWOL. I don't really have much to say. we got a new placement about a week and a half ago. We now have two girls the youngest being 2 months and the oldest is just 12 months and 19 days older then her. So things have been crazy.. or FREAKIN' CRAZY!! I think I am getting re-used to no sleep. I always hate the in between period. I get used to sleep and "me time" and it makes transitioning hard on me. Looks like we will have these girls for about 8 months.

I seem to have a lot of hard days lately I am ready to just have my own kids that don't leave. I feel like getting down on the floor and throwing a "two year old" fit. Hopefully one day we will get some kids that don't leave until we kick them out and change the locks.

It has been nice to see Blaine holding two sweet babies, one tiny and one HUGE. But I am going to have a hard time watching his heart break when they go home. Daddies just have such a special bond with their little girls. I have become a firm believer that every Daddy needs a daughter.

I am having a hard time working cleaning into my schedule. My house is even gross for me and I don't like that AT ALL!! I am happy if I get dinner cooked lately and I used to pride myself in having dinner done and ready when my husband walked in the door.

Over Easter weekend we got some family pictures taken. It was so much fun!! Thank you so much for doing them for us Kristin! Kris did a wonderful job. I know she was nervous (because she told me) but she did wonderfully. My family is HUGE and well we are ummm loud and sarcastic and mean and just weird. Here are some of the picture she posted for a sneak peak. I think the pictures are proof of how CRAZY we are!

O and some amazing friends (heck they are sisters weather they want to be or not) have started a recipe blog. You can check it out Here!


Kristin said...

I have the discs sitting here waiting to be taken to you and your mom. I'm so sorry I've not gotten them to you yet but I promise I will! Thank you for being so sweet, Heather. I love you and your crazy family!

Julie said...

two girls! jealous :) okay, not really about the lack of sleep part. I am happy they are safe with you. its hard when you feel like you are getting really attached -- which with me is EVERY time -- sigh. love your blog!