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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Crazyness at last!

So, what is going on with my you may ask. Well we got a call for 5 kiddos, and then they didn't come into care..and then we got a call for three kids and well they didn't come into care.. and then FINALLY we got a call for another three kids and they were in care and needed picked up ASAP. So for just over a week we have had one year old boy (Prince Drama Queen) and Girl (Princess Sassy Britches) and their two year old sister (Princess mini mom). So right now I have two one year olds and a two year old, only they are all about the same age developmentally so it is more like three one year olds..... I have been slightly busy, But I love it! The only reason I am able to write an entire blog is because the hubby took all three kids, by himself (yes I think he is crazy!) out to breakfast to give me a break.

I love driving and looking back and seeing my entire back seat full of car seat and screaming kids. These kids have their own language.. I am not kidding!.. and they plot against me. They are VERY good plotters and they are firm believers in divide and conquer, they are very good at it as well.  I feel like I heard cats all day....If you don't know what that means they you should get about 10 cats and try and heard them.

Non kid related news, Blaine got a truck on Thanksgiving. He has a 1968 Ford F250. We are no longer a 1 car family!! That means I am no longer stuck at the house all day long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am excited about this. It isn't like I really go anywhere, and I am not brave enough to go out alone with the kids again, but knowing that if I ever get crazy and want to leave I can is well...refreshing.

O O O O O OOOOOOJHJJ we have new carpet and I freaking love it!

Okay I think that is all.