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Sunday, June 27, 2010

I knew it was an evil evil thing

The trampoline has claimed it's first toe! I am pretty sure it is broken. Please send casseroles and flowers and money too.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Swimming was a blast! Reagan actually didn't hold onto me like she was trying to be me. I used sunblock(because i am so white i glow in the dark) I am now so red I could be mistaken for a cooked lobster, and i am getter redder OUCH. I do love my "supportive swimming suit"

Is it Friday yet? Blaine and I are having a  "pretend to like each other again" weekend and it seems like it is taking FOREVER!!
The boys have been gone now for two weeks. We did see them last weekend when we dropped Reagan off for a visit, i felt my heart re-breaking and the numbness going away. I didn't know it was possible to love someone soo much. I just hope they know how much they are loved and by soooo many people. Those boys are amazing people. And will do amazing things with their lives.

We found out Reagan can be gone as soon as next week. I am glad that she will be back with her brothers. But selfishly missing her already. She is such a sweet sunshine.

Our weather has been COLD, turned the furnace on, COLD! But today better be warm because we are going swimming!! I am so excited, excited enough that I am even willing to put on a swimming suit. I also have a a new swimming suit that I think that I actually like.

I don't know if i have told anyone lately but I love my husband. He is such a great man. He is my rock. He keeps me going. He makes me smile. He is also an AWESOME punching bag. I am so glad that god let me meet you and have you in my life.

We went to Cabella's on Sunday to pick up some crawdad traps for my younger, taller, brother. I found couches that I really Reallly REALLY want. Blaine informed me that even if I had 3 million dollars and all our bills were paid and we had all the kids we could never handle I still wouldn't buy them. Apparently he thinks I am a tight wad and a banker's daughter, all of which are true... but I think I could do it.. maybe...I would atleast buy the cute $7.00 sign that said "A grumpy old bear lives here with his honey" with that 3 million dollars.

This blog needs some humor... Reagan has taken to pulling down my shirt to show my cleavage, pointing, and VERY loudly (in public) shouting "Butt momma BUTT!"

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Our trampoline is up! Our girl is a little timid about playing on it, she is however warming up. I have decided 3 kids is SOOOOOOO much easier then 1. Lately our current one has not left my side on purpose for more then three minutes. I am babysitting three other girls today so hopefully that will help with the "clingy-ness"

I am very blessed with a very patient and understanding husband. I have been less then up to par when it comes to house work and cooking. I have also been nice and grumpy.. He just smiles and walks out of the room. We have planned a get away next weekend. Hopefully that will help us refresh and renew. I got the room for half off so I am super excited and proud. I am not the nicest wife in the world. So I would like my husband to know how much I love and appreciate him. Without him I would be nothing.

Lately I have been having a hard time with infertility. I am a person that has never wanted to do  IVF recently I have been willing to go through all the pain and emotions that go through that. I am certain if we had the money that I would be and the doctor with my legs in stirrups. We are starting to realize that we will likely not have a family that we raise for ever, instead a family we raise for a while and teach them lessons we hope the carry forever. I am having a hard time accepting that.

I just read such a cute refreshing book. A Room with a Zoo by Jules Feiffer. It was an easy read and I could have read it all in one sitting but Blaine made me go to sleep.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Just Checking in

It has been a little while since I have posted anything. I guess it is because I have had so much to say but so little that I knew how to say. The boys have gone. So we just currently have the little girl. The house is far to quiet. I don't know how to entertain just one child. I should have more time to do my housework now but I am just DRAINED!

Guys please give me ideas on what to blog about.