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Saturday, April 30, 2011

crazy wonderful..or just crazy

Sorry that I have been AWOL. I don't really have much to say. we got a new placement about a week and a half ago. We now have two girls the youngest being 2 months and the oldest is just 12 months and 19 days older then her. So things have been crazy.. or FREAKIN' CRAZY!! I think I am getting re-used to no sleep. I always hate the in between period. I get used to sleep and "me time" and it makes transitioning hard on me. Looks like we will have these girls for about 8 months.

I seem to have a lot of hard days lately I am ready to just have my own kids that don't leave. I feel like getting down on the floor and throwing a "two year old" fit. Hopefully one day we will get some kids that don't leave until we kick them out and change the locks.

It has been nice to see Blaine holding two sweet babies, one tiny and one HUGE. But I am going to have a hard time watching his heart break when they go home. Daddies just have such a special bond with their little girls. I have become a firm believer that every Daddy needs a daughter.

I am having a hard time working cleaning into my schedule. My house is even gross for me and I don't like that AT ALL!! I am happy if I get dinner cooked lately and I used to pride myself in having dinner done and ready when my husband walked in the door.

Over Easter weekend we got some family pictures taken. It was so much fun!! Thank you so much for doing them for us Kristin! Kris did a wonderful job. I know she was nervous (because she told me) but she did wonderfully. My family is HUGE and well we are ummm loud and sarcastic and mean and just weird. Here are some of the picture she posted for a sneak peak. I think the pictures are proof of how CRAZY we are!

O and some amazing friends (heck they are sisters weather they want to be or not) have started a recipe blog. You can check it out Here!

Saturday, April 16, 2011


to the few people that played a long on my prior post

Devin if I was an animal I would definitely be a bear, a big mean momma bear

Kristin, you can't think of a question because you know me so well and well we are both pretty dang boring

Mama Foster you didn't ask a question but that is okay cause your blog helps me feel that crazy is normal

Rachel, I will confess my love to you now. You are my most loved sister named Rachel, and I even love your face!

It isn't to late the rest of you can play just see the post about sleep being boring.

New addition to the Roberts household

Most days at least one of us if having a good day and coping with infertility well. This works out best for us because it also means that at least one of us has a little common sense. Well today I feel we may both be suffering a bad infertility day and not coping with with the fact that we can't just grow our family whenever we want to. Do to this and the EVIL EVIL  KSL (KSL is not really evil and well I am addicted to KSL (online classifieds)) we now had a very sweet 4 year old obese chocolate lab named Hudson.

How could you go look at that sweetie and not take him home. The one looking like a ditzy clown on the left hand side is Molly and she is very grateful to have another big dog to run around with.

Hudson is fitting in very well with the family and even our neurotic, grumpy, old man of a little dogs seems to get a long with and love Hudson, this in and of itself is very amazing because Trey is a bit of a jerk and well an old man and very set in his ways.

Well that is what is going on in my crazy life. How do you cope with days when both you and your partner have a rough time with infertility?

Sunday, April 10, 2011

pshh sleep is so boring...

So I should be sleeping, but the house seems to be to quiet to sleep. So I have been watching the stats on my blog and I just wonder who is actually reading. I would love to know who is reading. Please leave a comment telling me who you are, your favorite color, and where ish you live. and then ask me something you want to know. If you have the guts to ask I will have the guts to answer.

My name is Heather, I love the color purple and I live in my house, in beautiful Utah.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Saying sorry

Every time I make toast and jam I feel guilty. The reason being is when I was was a kiddo I requested (likely demanded) my dear mother to make me some toast and jam and I then threw a HUGE  fit because she put butter on before the jam and I did not want butter on my toast just jam. Now I have to have butter then jam or else it isn't as yummy as it should be. So to my mommy I am sorry I was a horrible child I am trying to be a good adult.

To the room mates I had when I lived in Provo,
I was a HORRIBLE room mate. I was moody, I wasn't clean, I was in and out at very strange hours, I smoked and I didn't follow through.

To Toni and Michelle. I wasn't always honest and I wasn't the nice and I often used you for excuses. I am sorry!

To my siblings, I wasn't a nice sibling I was mean and I hurt you all physically and emotionally and for that I am sorry. Know that I will always love you and be here when you need me.

To everyone that I have said the wrong thing to or said nothing at all to I am sorry. To all those I have hurt I am sorry.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Teens in foster care.

Last night we went to an open forum about teens in foster care and the need for parents. I think one of my biggest pet peeves is labeling foster kids as "damaged, bad kids", "kids with issues", "trouble kids". I get very defensive when hearing things like this and visualize myself punch the person in the face a few times. Granted we are newbies when it comes to foster care, we have only been licensed for a year and have only had 5 kids placed in our home. But the kids we have gotten really are amazing kids, and they are survivors.

One of the questions asked was how long do bad behaviors last once they are placed with you. HELLO!!! they are teenagers. I was not in foster care, I have amazing parents. When I was a teenager my parents and I hated one another, yes they will agree, now that I am growed up I can't imagine my life without them. But I  well I was a peach (except not so much). I started drinking at 15, I started kissing and more with boys at 14, I was raped at 14 and then well lets just say I say myself as THAT being the only thing I was worth to men, I started smoking pot at 15 or 16, I would often sneak out of the house and be gone all night, or I would just leave  to go hang out with friends and not come home until wee hours of the morning, there were times that I would leave for at least a couple days, I did not speak nicely to my family and I was okay with dieing. Let me repeat, I was NOT in Foster Care and my parents are and were amazing people.

Just because you are or are not in foster care doesn't mean you should be put into a box. I don't like how labeled foster kids become. They are kids! They are humans! They need someone to give them a hand and a heart. To those that ask, "well what if I get a foster kid and they yell at me or don't listen to me, or they do drugs or run away or have sex?" and I say.. What if you have a kid and they yell at you or don't listen to you or they do drugs or run away or have sex?? Does that mean they don't deserve your love, loyalty and guidance?