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Saturday, April 16, 2011

New addition to the Roberts household

Most days at least one of us if having a good day and coping with infertility well. This works out best for us because it also means that at least one of us has a little common sense. Well today I feel we may both be suffering a bad infertility day and not coping with with the fact that we can't just grow our family whenever we want to. Do to this and the EVIL EVIL  KSL (KSL is not really evil and well I am addicted to KSL (online classifieds)) we now had a very sweet 4 year old obese chocolate lab named Hudson.

How could you go look at that sweetie and not take him home. The one looking like a ditzy clown on the left hand side is Molly and she is very grateful to have another big dog to run around with.

Hudson is fitting in very well with the family and even our neurotic, grumpy, old man of a little dogs seems to get a long with and love Hudson, this in and of itself is very amazing because Trey is a bit of a jerk and well an old man and very set in his ways.

Well that is what is going on in my crazy life. How do you cope with days when both you and your partner have a rough time with infertility?


Kristin said...

I know I said this on facebook, but those two dogs look extremely happy!! Look at their cute lil smiles and big eyes! :D I love it!
I'm sorry you guys are sad though.. :(
idk what I would do if I didn't have wee ones or wasn't able to.. probably the same things you do, to be honest.
I love you, Heather.

Heather said...

Our dogs are pretty freakin' spoiled rotten, I also love that they smile.

Jared and Devin said...

yeah, it's me that has the tough days. jared never does! drives me nuts sometimes lol... i guess at least one of us will always make reasonable choices hehe