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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I am needing some resources on RAD in young children. Any info would be greatly appreciated. I would love books to read, blogs to read, things to do anything. Thank you

Monday, February 27, 2012

Our weekend

Saturday morning I woke up and went over the the Hairy Hubby's Aunt's house. She is a sewing pro, I lack in crafty skills. She helped me make some over sized bean bags out of body pillows. It was so nice and refreshing to be able to talk to her, she is such a strong amazing lady and I am very grateful to have her as a part of my life. We only had enough Poly Pellets to make one. It was given to my little Smelly, it has helped him fall asleep and stay asleep. I am so grateful for the over sized bean bag and he LOVE LOVE LOVES it. Now to figure out where to get some more Poly Pellets because my girls NEED these too.

We also had some friends in town this weekend. It was so great to see them. They were busy finding a truck to by so we didn't get to spend a ton of time together but we will get to see them more next weekend when they are out again for the car show. It will be my first ever car show, I don't know if I am excited or not...but I am excited to spend time with loved ones.

Saturday we decided since the Minions were FINALLY over their colds that we needed to get out of the house and do something. After a few attempts of other places we went to Jump On It. Sexy LOVED it.. she didn't even look back she went in full force and enjoyed every second! Hunny took a little time to warm up, but once she did she really enjoyed herself, she did remain cautious however and would look to us for reassurance. Smelly HATED it, he screamed and screamed and screamed they did have a foam pit that he enjoyed after screaming for about a minute but the blow up toys and trampolines horrified him. I love that my kids are 3 and under because it means most things are free!

Well that is my update! How is your life going? We have court next week, we should be getting our adoption date then.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

adoption date

We should be getting an adoption date at court the beginning of March!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

nap time?

I have three kids with horrid coughs and runny noses and on top of that the minions are also ALL teething. This makes for a grumpy momma. The minions now have different "online names" they came up with these name their self. We have Hunny she is our three year old girl we have Sexy our 2 year old girl and Smelly our 2 year old boy.

So what is new... umm Hunny had an EEG earlier this month that was NOT fun but it came back normal. She also had a dentist appointment and didn't try and punch anyone in the face this is a HUGE accomplishment.

Sexy is talking up a storm and starting to trust a little more, she is very bonded to the Hairy Hubby and I but does not trust anyone else. I am hoping we will be able to work through this. Poor kid has lived a life.

Smelly is finally starting to use his words. His little cheeks are starting to get a little chubby. He is also a charmer and can get anything he wants.

So we did a take two of swimming yesterday. There was only a little screaming! Smelly needs to get some meat on his bones he would have enjoyed it a little more if he wasn't freezing to death. Sexy didn't scream but head a death grip until about the last 10 minutes when she would "jump" off the edge to daddy (step off while keeping a death grip.) Hunny LOVED it she tried to float on her back and tummy and she would actually jump off the edge to me, she kicked, blew bubbles and was very upset when it was time to go. This swimming trip was a true testament to how far our kids have come. They are starting to trust, they are feeling safe and they are learning that mommy and daddy are sticking around and love them forever.

As for adoption. the judge still hasn't signed the order to terminate parental rights. I am not quite sure what to think about that. We have court about on March 7th I guess we will see what happens. I have had contact with bio mom and soon will be in contact with bio dad as well. This is all a very intimidating to me. I never know if I am doing things right. I want my kids to know who and where they come from but I want to keep them safe as well. I also want their family to be able to heal and know that the kids are safe and thriving. Does anyone have any tips on how to navigate all of this.

I am looking for some meals that are very much throw together meals, I would LOVE so ideas. Come dinner time I am exhausted and cooking dinner becomes very daunting. I am also getting bored of our "typical menu" I would LOVE LOVE LOVE Crock Pot ideas.

Do you guys have any questions for me? I know I am confusing and very random and jump ideas quickly and without warning. I would love to requests on what to write about.