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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Payment for being a mom

Recently my boys were out on our back steps playing with side walk chalk and a see a little four year old hand pop through the door with three dandy lions. I then hear in my sweet Carter's voice "I got these for you, can you put them in a vase" I get a vase and my sweet carter and my caring Hunter feel it up as much as they can and order me to put them in the window.
My flowers have since ummm stopped living but still sit in my window seal because every time i see them it make my heart smile, and ache at the same time. I wish life had a pause button I hate knowing that I may have to watch my heart walk away in the hands of three sweets kids in the future. I love them SOO much and knowing that they will walk away is indescribable.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Thanx Missy

I would like to blog about another blog Now I have never done this before so please bare with me.

She put something into words that I never could "We learned very quickly after we announced our intent to adopt that Satan hates adoption and fights it with all his might. The spiritual warfare we have contended with has been real and intimidating. As more Christians hear the call of god to rise up and protect the orphan, the armies of the Enemy assemble and seize ever opportunity to attack." Wow thank you Missy! Thank you for putting my feelings into words.

This one Paragraph has made such a difference in my life and given me peace. Thank god for answered prayers.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Apple Slicer

So I have always seen those apple slicers int he store.. you know they are round, and then have the lines that meet in the middle to another circle to core the apple. If you understood that description you are amazing. Anyways i would see those and think.. wow how lazy could you be to need one of those.. now that i have kids that like cut apples i completely understand them and why you need them! I now need one and the next time i go to the store i am sure to get one. For those of you that were confused by my description I have found a picture.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

I would ask if you would pick your vacuum over your husband, but then I realized you might need the vacuum to clean the hairy husband....

Yeah if it wasn't for the hairy husband i wouldn't ned the vacuum

Ask me anything

Why will you only own black and white dogs? And why isn't one of them a dalmation?

Dalmations are hyper crazy dogs.. even more so then my brats.. and Blaine is the reason we have black and white.. I guess dogs have to match.. clothes on the other hand, not so much

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Do you feel like foster/adoptive parents are held to a "higher standard" than moms who give birth to their children? As an adoptive and foster mom, I feel this way sometimes. Is it just me?

I do feel some people do hold foster, adoptive, and families who suffer from infertility to a higher standard. Just because we wanted babies for so long and with every bit of us doesn't mean we have an easier go at the whole parent thing. I find people always think we have no clue as to what we are getting into, if we didn't know what we were getting into we wouldn't have spent endless nights crying from empty arms. we would not have had people come into our homes, lives, and families to judge if we are "good enough" to be parents. We wouldn't spend countless hours balancing preparing for a baby/child and trying not to torture our self by having kid things in the house. We wouldn't hide the tears with a smile every time we hold some one's baby or someone announces a pregnancy. We are parents too.. we are new and what we are doing and even though we adopted or are fostering kids they still did not come with an owner manual. I ofter feel like I am a blind person trying to separate clothes into groups by colour. I have no clue what I am doing a lot of the time and feel that because I wanted kids so badly I can't ask for help. I love my kids sooo much.. and that makes it even harder because sooner or later I have to say goodbye.

Ask me anything

What has been the funnest part since those cute kids came into your home. Oh, and the funniest. And your favorite.

The things that stick out in my head..The first night that Carter didn't wipe off my kiss and gave me a "squish my head off hug" when tucking him into bed. Hunter's first day of school when he ran all the way back in the house just to give me a hug! The first time Reagan said "yes please" and "ma-mom-mommy-mama-ma-mom" and i said "what" and she said "hi"

my favorite is like this morning when three smiling (well four if you count my hairy husband) are right there when I open my eyes. I feel ever so blessed... I just hope to do good by them

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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I need things to blog about. Please help me out here! Thank you!