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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Payment for being a mom

Recently my boys were out on our back steps playing with side walk chalk and a see a little four year old hand pop through the door with three dandy lions. I then hear in my sweet Carter's voice "I got these for you, can you put them in a vase" I get a vase and my sweet carter and my caring Hunter feel it up as much as they can and order me to put them in the window.
My flowers have since ummm stopped living but still sit in my window seal because every time i see them it make my heart smile, and ache at the same time. I wish life had a pause button I hate knowing that I may have to watch my heart walk away in the hands of three sweets kids in the future. I love them SOO much and knowing that they will walk away is indescribable.


Savannah said...

I love those boys (and Reagan too). I wish your heart didn't have to hurt as you go through this.

Kristin said...

That's the cutest thing, ever! I'm so glad you feel your heart smiling but I'm sorry you already feel the ache. You're a good mom and those little ones are lucky to have you.