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Monday, March 28, 2011


This house is super duper lonely and quiet. I keep thinking I need to feed the kids and wake them up and keep with our routine. THERE ARE NO KIDS TO KEEP THE ROUTINE WITH!!  At least that is what I keep reminding myself of. Some minutes I handle things better then other minutes. I sure miss them and  wish all the best to them and their family.

So now we sit and wait. We are accepting 0-18 and hoping for kids that are potty trained. We never know when, how, where, who, what, or why we will get a placement. I hate that us wanting kids means kids are going through trauma, it makes me feel guilty for wanting children that badly.

Also there are not carbs or chocolate in this house and I keep twitching and going through withdraws.

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Savannah said...

I thought it was super horrid just going from expecting a baby to not expecting a baby. I can imagine it is even worse after getting to play mom for a while and love those kids for a while and then have to say goodbye. Please now my heart hurts for you.