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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Banker's Daughter

I am a banker's daughter.. I have a very odd relationship with money, it actually controls my mood. This year we got taxes back instead of having to pay, YAY WAHOO WOOT WOOT, we have needed a new bed for a while so we decided to splurge, we found an awesome log king size bed and an awesome mattress all for only $850 and both were delivered. I love our bed it is so super comfy and amazingly incredible. Also our new bedding is my new best friend, I think it is the first bedding I have ever really liked.

We have been flying high on sleep and a comfy bed. Well until our dishwasher decided to be a jerk and DIE. I would kick it but it wouldn't be worth the energy. Now we are KSL-aholics  we get pretty much everything on KSL so I started searching for our new dishwasher. Dishwasher posters of KSL you are CRAZY with a capital C R A Z Y wanting $100-$200 for a old, very used and usually broken dishwasher. So well I decided to start looking at brand new ones.

Friday after an ER visit and dropping our current "monsters" at their visit, we went to Best Buy ( I am okay with never buying anything there ever), then to the Sears scratch and dent, then to an appliance repair and used shop (that was a joke), then to RC Willey's outlet store.......and then back to the Sears outlet. Are you tired yet because I was. Well we found a few we kept opening and closing and looking at and shutting and walking away and then coming back and opening them and closing them and then looking at the ones we could never afford and then going back to the other ones.. and then we finally found our new Dishwasher. She was 40% off looked more gooder (yes I use that phrase) so we took her home installed her and washed all of  our dishes, yes ALL of them because we hadn't had a dishwasher in close to a week and I have been to crazy, exhausted, sick, and such to even think about hand washing dishes. She is sooo super duper amazingly quiet and makes our dishes sparkler, she has so much more room and I can put things where ever I want I don't have to draw out a diagram for every load I am going to wash to make sure everything gets kind of clean.

After this purchase I was feeling dizzy and faint and made Blaine promise no more big purchases for a while because THIS "Banker's Daughter" couldn't take it. He promised, he is a good husband and listens and even obey's some of the time.

Well this morning we woke up and were pulling out of our drive way as I receive a call from my banker of a father. "Heather your SUV needs new tires before we take it on our family vacation" (iin three weeks)
Me "Yes Father I know"
Banker of a father "Big O is having a buy 2 tires get 2 free but only for the next 29 minutes CALL RIGHT NOW"

So well we have new tires now. I expect hives any moment now.

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MamaFoster said...

lol...oh how i am cracking up right now! i am NOT a banker's daughter and spending money TOTALLY gives me hives...often!!! i am so glad to see i am not the only one!