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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Crazy life = crazy wife

Things have been a bit hectic here. Blaine had surgery February 17th to remove his tonsils. It wiped him out quite a bit, he is starting to be a little bit normal. On top of taking care of the helpless hair hubby our current monsters came back from visits a few days after the surgery super duper sick. I don't even remember sitting down last week but I am sure I did. On top off all of that I had a horrid ear infection. Now that the boys are feeling a little bit better my sister was nice enough to share a cold with me that her students shared with her. I want to just curl up and cuddle for a few days.

Looks like the boys will be going home in about three weeks. I am thinking we may do older kids for our next placement. We have always been open to kids 0-18 but preferred under 10. I think we are going to request 5 and older so we can do more fun things like games and outings and stuff. Also I want a break from diapers.

I can't believe it is march already!

O we have a new addition two cute little hedgehogs, we are selling one though because I don't want to clean two cages

O and we may have baby birds in about a month, currently our Ruby has laid two eggs, her and Munchkin have been doing very well at sitting on and protecting the eggs.

I am boring someone give me an idea of something to write or vent about.

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Savannah said...

I LOVE your hedgehogs, they are so cute!!!!!