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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Dear Depression

So we meet again, you seem to visit at least four times a year. When the season change you come and visit, I really don't like you! I hate when you come for a visit when I already have a lot going on, it sure makes it harder to make you leave. I also don't like when life doesn't allow me to wallow for a while. Right now I really need to go get in bed and stay for a while, do nothing, make no decisions not have to care for anyone, and just be. As dumb as this sounds I seem need to embrace you before you can leave, and the longer I go without embracing and wallowing the longer you stay and the deeper I fall.

Depression, when people ask what they can do to help how am I supposed to say "let me do nothing, but don't tell me you are letting me do nothing."  I am tired and I need you to leave.


On a happier note I have new hair! The hair dresser did it super super duper cute too!


MamaFoster said...

i struggle with depression as well, you worded this perfectly.

Lakes - N - Links said...

You are ADORABLE! :D