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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What we have been doing....

O where to start. We were the first people on the tree lot, we got the best tree and we were off. The Tree was up that night and we put the lights on it while the kids were in bed. We wanted to decorate the next day but life got in the way. We turned the lights on for the kids that night though and they stood in front of the tree and  just ooooo-ed and ahhhhhh-ed for a good 15 minutes. Our little Mr. Drama Queen even bent down and kissed the lights.

 We finally got to decorating the tree, we let the kids do all the ornaments so well our tree looks like kids decorated it but I wouldn't have it any other way. 

My dad was out in the city a couple weekends ago so we met him at his hotel and took the kids swimming with my littlest sisters. When we first put the kids in the pool you would have honestly though we were killing them! They screamed SOOOOO loud. By the end of it they were doing okay but at first, holy freaking to the cow, they hated it. I am honestly thinking it was their first time swimming.

The next day we headed to The Festival of Lights. The kids loved it so much that we went through twice. Our oldest little monkey, Princess Mini Mom, kept saying "HOOK MOMMY,HOOK" (look mommy look). She was in heaven! The twins even stopped fighting long enough to see all the pretty sparking light. I think my favorite part was when Princess Mini Mom pointed to the reindeer and said "HOOK mommy puppy!" 

I am loving being able to see the world through my kids eyes. I love watching them doing things for the first time and it brings so much joy to my heart. But as much as I love it these monsters wear me out! They have their own language (not kidding about that!) and they plot against me. We are also ending our "honey moon period" and I am seeing a lot more sass, and attitude and everyone is so dang emotional! I am really crossing my fingers that I get to be their mommy forever, but I don't want to get my hopes up to high..

Now for the hard question. What do I get them for Christmas!? WAHOOO WE GET KIDS FOR CHRISTMAS!!!!!!


MamaFoster said...

that is awesome!

Savannah said...

I'm with you, I want to hope so bad, but it hurts me each time you hurt. :( But still, I really want this to work out. Loves!

Kristin said...

Awww that is so cute!! So precious that he loved the lights so much he kissed them :D

Sounds like they're having a great time. I hope it lasts forever.