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Friday, December 23, 2011

Sharing Time

Tonight I didn't get to cooking dinner, so we went out. We sat all of the kids at one side of the booth and I got to sit by the hubby (YAY).  We had about 5 or so people come up and ask if we had triplets or how old our kids were, they would then ooo and ahh over their cuteness and we would agree and thank them. Dinner was pretty uneventful and the kids did really well at eating their balls (peas), chicken and fries with an added treat of chocolate pudding at the end.

As I was walking out I hear "Excuse me ma'am."
I think to myself...'Oh, no! Were our kids to noisy? We tried to keep them on their best behavior"
The lady then states "It is not often that parents get complimented.."
My thoughts again "ooooo we were to loud, dangit!"
Sweet lady "You couldn't see me but I was watching you all night, whatever you are doing is working, those kids were great"
My eyes started to water. ( I must get my leaky eyes fixed) "Thank you so much, that is so nice to hear. Often we are told we have "bad kids" because we are foster parents, it is nice to hear we are doing something right. Thank you"
Lady "Please keep doing what you are doing, because whatever you are doing my daughter definitely isn't."
Me "Thank you sooo much."
Lady "you are doing a very good job"

We then got up to the booth to pay our tab, and were informed that it had been taken care of. Thank you lord for the good people in this world and thank you lord for knowing that I needed to hear that I am doing something correct.

And on another not. Our eldest said to me "Mommy, I want one." as we sat down to dinner (dang eyes freakin' leaked again!) Now this may not seem much to most, I mean she is almost three..why would this bring tears to my eyes? Well because when we got her she had about a 10 word vocabulary and wasn't even doing two word sentences yet. I am one proud mommy tonight! I am so blessed to have these evil monsters in my life, I sure love them so very much.


Savannah said...

That is just about the sweetest thing ever!!!!

MamaFoster said...

that is awesome

Kristin said...

This post gave me goosebumps and made my eyes leak a bit, too. I hope you know how much I love you and how awesome I think you and Blaine are.

Heather said...

We should really get those leaking eyes fixed!