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Thursday, September 30, 2010

TMI...I am sure of it

So I notice my blog is very boring. I would like to make it more boring. Lately I have been feeling like I really need to get on some type of birth control. 'What, a infertile person needs birth control?' Well yes we do. LUCKY US!! (Not so much) My cramps have been taking me out of commission for at least a day and that is even with tons and tons of drugs. It is hard to be out of commission for at least a day a month with little monsters in the house. I do have an amazing hairy husband that steps up when I can't move but I hate being in that much pain. You may find yourself asking why I am not already on birth control if the pain is that bad. Because there is like the smallest itsy bitsy tiny smallest chance that we could get pregnant and I feel like if I get on birth control then I am shutting a door on God and not letting him do what he wants to do . But I am also tired of the little tinj of heartache when grumpy Aunt Flo comes around. I still don't know what to do. My amazing hairy husband said that the chance of maybe getting pregnant isn't worth the pain he sees me in. I sure love that man. So now.. what to do..

Well that was a gross post.. Sorry guys just had to get it off my chest I guess. Today my goal is to get laundry done and I would LOVE to get our spare room put together but I don't know if I can do that by myself. So How is everyone of my 4 readers?


Savannah said...

You know how I feel about period regulation pills, aka birth control. I fought my doctor for years about it until one day he called it a period regulation pill, then I was hooked. Our chances of getting pregnant are even slimmer then yours so I didn't have as hard a time going on it (what can you do when they tell you there is a zero sperm count in your marraige?) and I've never looked back. I feel like it has given me freedom to live my life again because I don't have to worry about when she will finally show up and when or if she will leave after just a few days or after a few weeks after I beg the doctor for drugs to make her stop. But it hasn't helped with the cramps as much as I would like it too. Maybe I need to switch forms of birth control. I'll be sure to ask my doctor when I see him.

Savannah said...

I hope your 4 faithful followers are all women or this may TMI and you may loose one of them.

Kristin said...

I didn't realize birth control helped with that. How silly of me. I'm sorry you're faced with this choice though...
I wish I could just help you.. somehow..

DMN said...

Thanks for adding me as a facebook friend! Love your blog so far... totally agree on the BC thing! I hate it, I feel the same way, BUT my PCOS is so out of control I need something to regulat it! Have you tried Prometreum or Provera? They have helped mine.
Good luck!