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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sleeping, and not sleeping

I have a 6 (close to 7 month) old foster baby that WILL NOT sleep unless he is bundled in 2-3 blankets so he can't move, with a bink in his mouth. Today he fell asleep under a blankey YAY that is so exciting to me. I would see if his bink was in his mouth but I am afraid that he might wake up.

This last weekend the hairy husband and I went to Park City, Utah for a night. We even dressed up and went out to dinner, and then Chocolate Factory for fudge, and then the liquor store. We tried a Strawberry White Zinfandel. Blaine took one sip and he was done.. I had a glass it wasn't bad but not my favorite that is for sure. On the way home Sunday we stopped at the Hub and had breakfast and peach pie... I WANT MORE OF THE PEACH PIE!! It was home made with fresh peaches it was amazing and Delicious. Blaine then got me a clock that I have been wanting FOREVER I love it. I am a luck woman to have such an amazing man. I love my husband sooooooooo much. The get away was just want we needed.


Savannah said...

Cute toes on the baby. And I LOVE your clock! What a sweetie he is.

Lauren Elizabeth Stanford said...

Ok. That is THE CUTEST picture I have ever seen of your baby!!! Hahaha I literally giggled out loud. How fun. How is everything going with adoption stuff?