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Friday, July 30, 2010


All days I miss my grampa but somedays I forget he is gone and wonder what he is doing, and then get hit by a ton of bricks remembering that he isn't on this earth anymore. I sure miss hearing him say "we sure are proud of you guys" "I sure do love you, you are a good kid" My grandpa was an awesome strong man, he taught me that duct and bailing twine will fix everything, and duct tape makes awesome band aids. I hate that my kids wont ever get to meet my awesome grandpa here on earth but I know that he is up there loving on them and teaching them all about duct tape and bailing twine. I really miss his stories.

 I loved how unforgettable you made my wedding day. I miss hearing about all your horses, every time I see a horse i think of you. You were  the best grandpa anyone could ask for. I miss you saying "Heather Feather how is the weather?"

Grampa I sure love you and I am really proud of you. I miss you a lot. Give our babies some loves for us please, but don't keep them up there to long I sure want to love on them!

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