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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Updates and lots of pictures

Where to start.....
The life changing comment from the last blog. Life is changing a little but not in the way were afraid of. So that is good, I think.

Christmas was amazing! The cabin was so beautiful and relaxing. We were able to cook lunch and invite my family over for lunch. It was so nice and yummy! I made my first pie EVER in the world, and my second pie too LOL. I made carmel apple pies, i didn't use a recipe and it was SOOOOO Yummy. My dad and two brothers left after the family picture to do chores and do boy things. and the rest of us played games. I think that my new favorite game is called Oodles. We also played Cranium Family addition. Here as some pictures! okay moving them around is driving me insane so they will kinda be random

I get bored on the drive and take pictures

A picture of the Cabin

More of the Cabin

  Hannah..Silly Hannah

Best family picture...A lot of us were breathing from our nose or not breathing at all! Have any guesses why? 

That is all of us.. 

Smiles don't say "I love you"

 Buddah "wait I know the answer, no I don't, yeas I do, wait, yes, no"
RaeLene "times up"

Bored pictures while driving 

Daddy and his hat 

Hannah, Rachel and Keith

 Flying stocking, Keith, Mommy

Sometimes we let her take her helmet off for picutres.

Kristi (the birthday girl), RaeLene

My dad is so cool that he wears two hats!

Our tree this year

My first pie

My second pie

 The current monsters in our lives are getting super big, way to quickly. This placement has been a rough one for us. but it seems to be doing better, at least in our home. Monsters are finally starting to settle and feel secure, which has helped our stress level a lot. 

Recently my sister RaeLene FINALLY  came back from Washington D.C. where she was doing her student teaching. While she was staying at my house for a couple of days with another sister Rachel. We played games, ate at Dickies for the first time ever (WOW AMAZING FOOD!!) and went and saw the lights on temple square. 

I am so lucky and blessed to have the amazing family that I do. Now I just need kids that I get to keep so they can be blessed too


Savannah said...

You have a very beautiful family. :) Except that one pyscho one, but I know you love her anyways.

Rachel said...

That Rachel is SUPER beautiful! And she sure blesses your life...she is NOT pyscho. Ouch. Not cool.

Savannah said...

By Pycho I meant a smile that is so big her beautiful face can't contain it. She is so bubbly with exciment and niceness that sometimes it comes out too fast. But even with her over explosion of excitment, she is beautiful.