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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Fun Stuff

So we helped my dad "preg check" cows November 20th. This has an entire different meaning now that I know I am infertile. For those of you who are city folk, "preg checking" is when a vet shoves his hand up the private area of a cow to find out if said cow is pregnant and if she is how far along. Do you know what happens to the ones that are NOT pregnant......well they are butchered and eaten. So if you can't get pregnant you get dead....ouch. The cows were well behaved for the most part..other then the one that ran into my brother...but have no fear my 15 pound dog defended his honor...well he tried to defend Keith's honor.

 Our current 3year old LOVES cows so he had a blast. Thanks to "Pappa Steve" (my daddy) every time this little boy sees a cow he says, "freak cows!!" and by says I mean yells with the biggest smile on his face. It is funny that something I am not the hugest fan of can bring such joy to a little guy. Our little dude also got to ride out the for-da-wheel-ar (four-wheeler) with "Keithy". He loves Roosevelt and always hates to leave. He has asked everyday since we got home when we get to go back.

For thanks giving our two current monsters were on a visit. Blaine and I had Thanksgiving dinner for just the two of us. It was super nice and super yummy. We haven't had much "us time" so it was perfect. And for dinner Blaine's Grandma invited us to eat at Mi Mi's Cafe, NEVER AGAIN, I got super sick not fun.

The Saturday after thanksgiving we went up to the cabin of one of Blaine's other grandparents. It was just what the doctor ordered. It was so nice and relaxing to do nothing is such beautiful country. We even went sledding. Our oldest is the biggest wimp and I really thought he would cry the entire time down, boy was I wrong. He loved it and didn't want to stop. I however was VERY nervous it looked scary but after the first time I to was hooked. He was cute and the top of the hill he would got "2, 5, 9" (or other random numbers) and then would go "WEEE, YAY, WAHOO!" the entire time down it was super cute. We also went on a four-wheeler ride so we could see all the beauty god created. Blaine cooked all the meals while we were there so  that was a nice break too. The baby got to play in the snow.. He loved it until he tried to crawl and got a face full of snow, I laughed, he screamed and when I brought him inside he made sure to pick up all the pieces of snow and eat them. I also LOVED how we could see so many stars, I really miss the stars while I am in the city. Sunday came and it was time to go home, and no mater how much I wished to be snowed in it didn't happen.  I wish I could make this post less boring and post pictures, however do to rules I can't post pictures of our currents and they are in all the pics. Sorry guys.

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