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Monday, September 2, 2013


I am so glad to see August leave us!!
It started out with our youngest in the hospital.

Then Marjean and I got ear infection.

Then my grandma's health declined greatly

Blaine put in his two week notice on a Friday, they accepted it and then when he came on on Monday they had written him a severance check and our insurance was gone.

Looking for CDL work a little more local unsuccessfully, it looks like my husband is likely going to be an over the road trucker.

Complete career change, my husband is going from a computer nerd to trucking..

My grandma passed away. Family Drama! Heart breaking.

Being late to our youngest childs adoption.

Not knowing what our future holds or what to plan for.

September, please be nice!

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Julie said...

You're back! I am sorry to hear that your August has been rough. Congrats on your adoption!