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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Adoption Party

So, we are finalizing our adoption in 4-ish weeks, we will be having a party to celebrate this amazing moment. Here is where I need you, I am NOT a party planner, I don't have large pockets, and well I am not good at all this stuff. I need so cheap, fun, easy ideas on what to do for this party. I don't want it to over the top because I DON'T what to stress my kids out. I want it semi low key but fun too. This is a HUGE thing for us, it is even bigger then our wedding.  One thing I do have planned is shaved ice and it WILL be amazing and super tasty. Our party will be from 3-5 so I don't plan of feeding people a meal. I would love some tips, ideas and advice.

Thanks you! Oh, and thanks you too!

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Savannah said...

I'll be thinking. You and the kids could make a pinata, if that's not too messy and won't be too loud for them at the party. But even just a nice day in the park would be perfect. Can't wait for that shaved ice. Josh is excited for the party too, but mostly because he knows he gets to go to Cabela's that day.