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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My First EVER

Okay well I have always wanted to blog but never really knew what to say. I am sure that these posts will be full of rambling.

Blaine and I found out June 17, 2009 that we do not have the recipe to make babies. We were gun ho and ready to adopt. and then we started getting prices, WOW, we tried to raise money we got so close and I then became unemployed. We starting thinking more and more about foster care and decided to bit the bullet and get certified. We completed all eight, four hour classes in November. Side note.... I broke my ankle November 6th so this was even more challenging. We completed our classes and then December just disappeared we did our safety check January 13th. We are now waiting for our Resource Family Consultant to give us a call so we can start getting place with children. Going through this process of bringing kids into our home has help teach us some hard lessons, some of which we are still learning. It has also forced us to have some hard talks and take some detailed looks at us as people and who we are and what we want to become.

We also lost my grandfather the end of October, I am still trying to remind myself that he isn't here anymore. It is hard knowing that my children wont get to know him. I sure miss that man.

Well I guess I am done rambling for now.


Savannah said...

Squeee! I'm so glad you decided to start blogging. I love blogging, it has helped me work through so many of my infertility emotions. And its just fun to blog (says the girl who has 5 blogs herself).

Heather said...

Yes I was reviewing your 230948203975 of blogs and noticing how dang pretty you are and what cute clothes and earings you have